RGB Blended Charts
for the interpretation of seismic Spectral Decomposition Blended Images.

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Blending Rainbows Charts

RGB Blended Charts

for your Spectral Descomposition Analysis

Geophysicist, Geologists, Engineers.. Geoscientist in general... If you work with seismic data, and specifically, with Blended Imagines for Spectral Descoposition Analysis, these charts will be of direct use to you. 

The Idea...

For many years, we have been using Spectral Decomposition, and generating pretty pictures, by blending different responses from different spectral bands.

But, according to the theories behind the methods of spectral decomposition, they are more than pretty pictures, they contain a vast amount of geological,, and possible, reservoir, information.

One of those informations has to do with changes in thickness, or more generally, with thickness related properties (thickness, net-to-gros-, net-pay, etc.), and the effects of those changes on the spectral response of the seismic data.

We have played with the idea, and tried different methods to get some of that information directly from those RGB BLENDED images. Well, we present a way to grossly estimate, directly from your blended images, values for thickness related properties, by ways of using our Blending Rainbow Charts.

Actually, they are very good tools for deciding what range of spectral bands to use on specific targets.


Simple, but yet... Very helpful tool... I hope our charts can help you.

RGB Blended Charts

Tailored to your data

Fast Response

COST: USD$ 50 / per chart
Save 10-20% on quantities


Other Examples


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Pampatar, Isla Margarita